Welcome to the IQ Academy Test!

This Test has been carefully crafted by Mensa and International High IQ Society members.
Knowing your IQ accurately is a Major plus for you!
Whether for studying, when applying for a job, or simply to know yourself a little better.
The result you’ll obtain will be between 55 and 145, with a Standard-Deviation of 15 (SD15)


Please remember that:

  • The result you will obtain is perfectly tested and as accurate as possible. It is a high grade Test like you would have with professionals, like from a Psychologist.
    It has been carefully crafted by Mensa and International High IQ Society members.
  • Please note that no online IQ Test is fully reliable: IQ Tests should be administered by a qualified practitioner, under time management controlled environment. However, we do our very best for you to have a result as similar as possible you’d have in these environments. A special Thank You to all Psychologists!
  • The Test is based upon the Raven Progressive Matrices, as this kind of visual tests provide results very close to one’s Fluid Intelligence (Spearman’s Gf), and are considered as the IQ Tests “icing on the cake”. This is what the IQ Academy aims to!
  • We wish to take the IQ Academy to another level, with the Forum activation, with new tests and with surprises related to IQ Tests and other Intelligence forms Tests… shhh… Your contribution is essential for the IQ Academy future, which exists for You!
  • Most online IQ Tests are mainly entertainment quizzes, the real gems are rare. And, generally, quite expensive.
  • And finally, the IQ Academy brings you this for free (which is one thing) and is cost-less (which is another thing)! Enjoy!


Before you take the Test, we would suggest that:

30-minutes-30-questons-iq-test– you have 1/2 hour of total tranquility, in a distraction-free environment – There are 30 questions, with a time limit of 30 minutes.

– don’t take the Test after a heavy meal

– in doubt, answer by instinct. It won’t penalize, and it’s always better than “Skip the Question”

– you can’t go back: the Test is sequential

– use your time wisely, as the result won’t increase by finishing the test in a shorter time

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7 thoughts on “

    1. IQ Academy Post author

      Hola Edgardo!

      103 is slightly above average (which is 100). but due to the statistical nature how IQ Tests are subjected to, you’ll have a small deviation (around 3.8 IQ points) in a Standard Deviation 15 (SD15), the one we use. So, Edgardo, you’re in what we could call “normal zone”. The most important is not one’s IQ, but how s/he use it in everyday’s life. You’re always welcome 🙂 Season’s Greetings — IQ Academy

    1. IQ Academy Post author

      Hola Edgardo!

      Thank you very much for having taken our accurate IQ Test, as well as for your compliments 🙂 They motivate us to enhance the IQ Academy, for providing a free yet precise IQ Test to all our Test-Takers. You’re always welcome 🙂 — IQ Academy

    1. Curio

      Hey so I took the test and got a score of 153 and I am 10 yes I chose the child verson > 18 so Am i truly exceptionally gifted of is that just an over estimate of my true fluid intelligence

      1. IQ Academy Post author

        Hi Curio,

        thank you very much for having taken the IQ Test with us.

        Our Test measures with accuracy IQs between 55-145.

        However, you aced the Test, so, because of an adjustment for minors (under 14yo), sometimes these non-accurate results happen.

        As we only measure until 145 (with a SD15), take this as your score for now.
        Later on, if you wish, you could try an IQ Test with a Psychologist, as they have tools that accurately measure IQs higher than 145.

        We could suggest you to try an Advanced Raven Matrices test somewhere in the Net; but we don’t know the reliability of such sites.

        At the IQ Academy, we do our very best to offer a quality IQ Test, but as you break the scale, specific tests will be needed 🙂

        Regarding your question: yes, we have elements that point out that you are clearly gifted, with a Fluid Intelligence that seems thus to be pretty high.

        We wish you all the best, be always welcome 🙂

        — The IQ Academy


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